Meditation & Guided Imagery

Dealing with cancer—your own or that of a loved one—can be stressful, even overwhelming, but there are many meditation tools you can use to help reduce negative emotions so you can, not only cope, but learn to thrive.  

Yes, those emotions are normal

At the time of diagnosis, it is not uncommon for our minds to become flooded with questions and worries about the future.  For someone affected by cancer, a busy life must stretch to accommodate all that goes with a cancer diagnosis, such as having to deal with the effects of treatment, financial stress, or uncertain health outcomes.  Those who are finished with treatment frequently face uncertainty about recurrence and dealing with the delayed emotional and physical effects of treatment. 

To help you face these challenges and to thrive, we offer on these page links to mindfulness and guided imagery resources. 

Mindfulness Meditation

On the Mindfulness Resources and Recordings page, you will find our own guided audio meditations and a list of online websites and apps, many of which offer free recordings, podcasts, and other content on mindfulness and self-compassion.  You’ll also find articles to help you establish a mindfulness practice.  Ann’s Place offers Midweek Mindfulness, a weekly meditation and discussion class.  To learn more or to register, please contact a member of our clinical staff.  Read more.

Guided Imagery

Along with mindfulness, guided imagery has been found to promote relaxation and positive feelings.  On the Guided Imagery Resources and Recordings page, you can listen to our own guided imagery recordings and those offered elsewhere online. Read more.  

Wishing you peace, ease, and wellbeing.