About Ann's Place

Ann’s Place provides help and hope to those living with cancer and their loved ones. Our clinical social workers, facilitators and wellness experts provide a host of services aimed at improving quality of life during and after cancer. 

Ann’s Place relies on the generosity of donors to be able to continue providing these services free of charge

Our mission is to provide comfort, support and resources to people living with cancer and to their loved ones.  We assist you and your loved ones to create a unique pathway through cancer to improve your quality of life. At Ann's Place, all are welcome.  

We serve hundreds of people from across Connecticut and lower Hudson Valley New York.  That is only a small portion of the tens of thousands who are living with cancer in our area. Connecticut alone has over 150,000 cancer survivors. If you or someone you know is facing cancer, find out how we can help.


Dr. Pat Bragdon & Mary Burke

Dr. Pat Bragdon &
Mary Burke

In 1991, I CAN inc was founded by Dr. Pat Bragdon and Mary Burke.

They had a vision to create a refuge for cancer patients and their families. I Can Inc was a vanguard in the provision of psychological and emotional services for those with cancer. At the same time, Ron Olsen was providing financial assistance for cancer-related expenses through the Ann Olsen Endowment. Dr. Robert Cooper who was active with both groups, introduced them and helped them ultimately merge into one unified effort which has grown into the amazing community we are today.  Dozens of passionate people are volunteering on a regular basis.

Our community is of, by, and for those with cancer and so you will find cancer survivors amongst our volunteers and our donors. This melding is reflected in our stories. The circle is complete when those that receive have the opportunity to give back in many ways.

We have grown thanks to our partners, sponsors and donors. Thanks to them we have our facility - a unique accomplishment which marks a milestone in the Ann’s Place history. Their support also allows us to deliver services to more and more people each year.

we all know someone like ann olsen

Ann Olsen

Ann Olsen

About Ann Olsen:  An employee of Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Ann displayed a real zest for living. She was diagnosed with cancer on Halloween, 1986. Ann faced cancer with a degree of courage, dignity and humor that truly inspired others. When she died in Danbury Hospital on St. Patrick’s Day, 1987, she was 38 years old. She had been determined to survive and devote her life to supporting others on their cancer journey. That wish is being realized over and over with the help of her surviving husband Ron Olsen and the Ann’s Place community.